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All About Viv


It all started when…

Vivian Storm was discovered in 2009 at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh during obtaining her Masters in Educational Leadership.  Taking a chance at completely owning her talents, she entered a Drag show at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. There she fall in love with the art of illusion and performance.

Her quest to spread love has afforded her the opportunity to perform in some incredible, loving, and inclusive spaces. She has a great love for hosting and performing on College and University stages because of the overwhelming since of love, curiosity, self-growth and exploration. People are there simply because they want to be there and that is an amazing feeling.

She continues to reach her Storm Chasers through her ability to connect using powerful emotional filled songs that breathe life into everything she does!

Vivian also offers workshops on topics such as worthiness, performance and gender, and confidence. Chase the storm I'm sure she is coming to a city near you soon!!!!!